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Unannounced Simulation Game

We’ve begun full-time work on our first major game title!

Featuring satisfyingly deep simulation gameplay and built on the latest version of Cocos2d-x, Aeon’s first title will be announced in early 2018. We’ll be targeting major PC operating systems at launch. Check back in January to find out how to wishlist our game on Steam!


Given our expertise in web application development and the sore need for modern software applications in niche industries we set out to build a web-based business operating system for the pet grooming / pet spa industry. Spending on pets in America did not falter during the recession but innovation on software for the industry did. Full-time work has begun and we look forward to delivering Otis to pet focused small-business owners in the coming year.

Freelance Website Development

Here at Aeon we have a combined decade of experience in web application development. We’ve built applications from scratch by managing the full software life cycle from white board design to continuous deployment on AWS. Our favorite languages include Python, JavaScript, C# and the terrifyingly high-performance C11 (just not for web projects).

Whether you need a website in raw HTML / CSS / JavaScript or if you prefer enterprise frameworks like Angular we’ve been there. NodeJS, .NET, and Django are all part of our toolbox. We’re comfortable working with an RDBMS like MySQL or non-relational data stores like CouchDB, Spark, and Cassandra.

When building your web application we’ll remember the power of in-memory caching with Redis, we’ll build out fast robust searching with Elasticsearch, and we’ll deploy your app to production on your preferred cloud hosting provider.

We’re comfortable with the full-stack so drop us a line if you want engineers focused on building working products.

Freelance Game Design and Programming

Aeon was founded by computer scientists and programming is our foremost skill. Since then we’ve expanded to become professional game designers. We’ve begun contract work for clients and look forward to their future content launches (particularly the games we programmed!). We’re excited to expand our per-project contracts to help content creators launch custom games using their already developed or 3rd party commissioned assets. Do you need your Flash game ported to HTML5 before it’s too late? We can do that.

Freelance Mobile Application Development

Native applications on both iOS and Android are the best way to engage your mobile audience. We have experience dating back to Android 2.2 (API Level 8) and the Droid 2 (do you miss physical keyboards?). More recently we’ve added iOS skills to the team with the adoption of Swift 3.0 in iOS 10. If you want to create a captivating experience on smartphones you’ve gotta go native. We can help.

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